The Great Bike Search of 2017

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As I browse through several financial independence websites, there always happens to be one major theme – leave the car home, ride a bike. It’s something I am starting to take seriously.

Recently, I rode my bike to the barber. It’s a place I’d typically drive to. It was actually fun riding my bike instead of taking the car. One thing I didn’t enjoy was the amount of time it took and the general soreness I felt after riding. Both problems fell squarely on my shoulders.

I tend to be a little cheap frugal by nature, so instead of buying a fancy road bike that would cost 1k-plus, I had my bike from Target that fit the middle school version of me.

It was definitely past time that I get a big boy bike. So I decided to ell my old bike online and looked into getting a new bike that fit my needs. I did a little research online and knew for my particular needs, I didn’t need a professional racing bike. What I needed was something that would fit my frame comfortably and could take me from point A to point B without breaking the bank.

After a few weeks of checking on Craigslist and the local Facebook selling walls, I still couldn’t find the ideal bike and had many questions. I decided to bite the bullet and contact a bike shop in our community. In the past I went to another local shop and it wasn’t a good experience. They tried to sell me the most expensive bike that didn’t fit my needs. So needless to say I was a little leery about what this new shop would be like.

                                Downtown Cycles


Surprisingly, it was a total different experience and I came out thoroughly impressed with the customer service. They showed me several models and all were very reasonably priced and fit me perfectly. I was shocked that without asking, they were more than willing to give me a deal. They could have easily started by showing me the most expensive bikes but pointed to a less expensive bike that fit my needs perfectly.


                        Specialized Expedition Sport


I took a spin and it fit me perfectly and knew this would be the perfect bike to get me to where I needed to go without all of the pain and struggle that I previously endured. While riding around downtown I remembered that I needed a bike rack for the car. The rack was also fairly inexpensive. I’ve seen the same model on Amazon and at Dick’s Sporting Goods for significantly more.

One of the guys even took the time to show us how to properly put the rack on the car. He also gave us a few newbie pointers on how not to ding up the cars and proper bike etiquette. The experience was a breath of fresh air.


So now I finally have a bike that fits. It’s now on me to actually use the bike. I’m looking forward to getting more physically fit and putting less miles on the Honda while saving money on gas.

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Mike Podesta

Husband and a new dad. Doing my best to lead a healthy lifestyle one day at a time.

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