Spend $60 on Groceries for a Family of 3

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Spend $60 on Groceries for a Family of 3!

Sounds impossible right? I would have thought so too. You see, we haven’t always gotten away with spending $60. A couple of years ago we were shopping at our favorite large grocery chain and every week our grocery tab was totaling $140 or more! This was on food alone! I was even using coupons and phone apps to attempt to get it down a bit.

Today, we do our grocery shopping a little differently. We shop at Aldi, we don’t use coupons or apps, and yes, our tab totals $60 or less for our family of 3.  We eat healthy, part-time organic, and rarely any junk food! I also tend to stick to a lower carb/KETO diet. I know you’re dying to know HOW we do it…

I make a list. I usually start making a list on Thursday or Friday and finish it right before I hit the store on Saturday. I will almost always take inventory of the pantry and fridge, to be sure I don’t buy things we don’t necessarily need for that week.

I look for sale prices. …What’s the point? This is Aldi, after all… But it DOES make a difference! If the Fuji apples are $3.49 a bag normally, but the Red Delicious are on sale for $1.99 a bag, even though we usually don’t buy those, we’ll get them this week, because that’s a pretty awesome price for apples! And even though zucchini is on my list, if it’s a dollar more than it typically costs, I skip it and buy extra celery instead.

We sacrifice. Our 2 1/2 year old LOVES Aldi’s Organic Vanilla Whole Milk yogurt. It’s $3.79 (I think) per large container. But I don’t buy it every week, because hey, that’s pretty expensive for yogurt. I use that $3.79 and put it into extra veggies or fruit instead.

Again, we sacrifice. This is actually a big one. We used to eat different meals every day of the week and ate lots of poultry. Now, we make meals that last DAYS. One of our favorites is, angel hair pasta – I sauté veggies like cabbage, onions, and carrots that are mixed in with the noodles. I will sometimes do an Italian flavor, while other times I make it into an Asian inspired dish, just by changing up the spices/sauces. This makes not only dinner for that night, but lunch and dinner for the next couple of days. It’s seriously amazing how much food we end up with! I told you earlier, I eat a low carb diet myself, so on those nights, I’ll make a huge green salad with eggs for me.

Another one of our go-to meals is rice and beans. Yep, you read that correctly. I make a big pot of rice, and mix together a can of mild chili beans with a can of corn and voila! Again, it makes more than just one meal. The best part about this sacrificing is that we don’t feel like we are! We enjoy these meals, we don’t miss the poultry, and eating this way is saving us so much money!

We eat A LOT of eggs…. At Aldi, they’re $.47 per dozen – sometimes as much as $.59. You can’t beat that! That’s something we eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Cheap and filling.

I buy discount bread at Wal-Mart. It’s not sandwich loafs, but it’s a white French bread loaf and it’s only $.50 (because it’s met its ‘best before date’). We either freeze or refrigerate our bread anyway, so it always stays fresh for that following week. I’ll also look for discounted fruit (it may be a bit beat up and didn’t make it to the shelf with the pretty fruit) and other discounted miscellaneous items like specialty cheeses at our chain grocery store. I typically stop on my lunch break during the week. It’s not something I do all the time, but if we want something new, I will take the time to take a quick look.

My husband does crave the occasional pizza and it doesn’t break the budget because an extra-large cheese take and bake is only $4. I like to add spinach and/or chicken sausage. Compare purchasing that at a local pizza place where it’ll easily be $17.

Lastly, we’re not depriving ourselves and are actually fuller than we were before this budget.

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