How to Quickly Save $1K

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Usually if something needs repaired I call someone to fix it or just junk it and find a replacement. It definitely seemed like the most logical thing to do. Certainly, I can’t fix these things on my own. I don’t have the background, knowledge, talent or time to fix most things. As I have discovered the last few weeks, this isn’t necessarily true.

In the last week alone, I’ve fixed my computer that was having charging issues due to an error in wiring and our washing machine that started to have a burning smell after a recent load of laundry.

Instead of buying a new computer and washing machine, or calling for a repair man, I decided I was going to fix everything on my own. If I hadn’t, I would have easily been out a few grand.

I first tackled the computer and the charging problem. I’ve been dealing with this for almost a year. It would charge if the computer cord was in one position but not in another. The very next day it wouldn’t charge in that same position that worked the day before. I got to my whits end because frankly the computer wasn’t charging anymore. So I did a quick Google search and discovered that a lot of people were having the same exact problem as me. So I checked out this YouTube video and a few others and I was nervous about the solution thinking it really wouldn’t work for me.

A quick two minutes later, my computer charges and keeps a charge like the first day I got it. I looked online to see how much a fix would be if I went to Best Buy and consulted Geek Squad. It would have been $260 for the repair. I would have decided it wasn’t really worth it and would have looked at buying a new one. This easy solution saved me a few hundred dollars on the cost of a new computer.

Next, I tackled the washing machine. Jenny had done a load of laundry and it created a terrible burning smell. It was so bad in fact that she called the fire department as precaution. In the past, I would have laid this washing machine out to pasture and found a brand new washer and dryer set. These were obviously getting too old because of the burning smell, right? Wrong! I went online again and searched the problem.

It turns out the drive belt was wearing down causing the awful smell. I then went back to YouTube to see if there were any videos on how to repair it. Most importantly, I wanted to see if it was an “easy” fix or something more involved and just not worth the effort.

It turned out to be a fairly easy fix. I looked up the part online and after doing some comparison shopping, I was able to get the drive belt for $10. It wasn’t a quick fix because it was my first time tinkering with this washer. I took the machine apart and struggled with removing and replacing the belt because of the awkward angle. It took me approximately 20 minutes to get the new belt back on. I tested it with a load of laundry and it worked great. It was definitely worth doing myself.

Both items together would have easily been over a grand if I had outsourced the work or bought new items. I found an easy fix for both by simply looking on YouTube. The computer fix was free which saved me a few hundred dollars and the washing machine needed a new drive belt which was only $10. Instead of thinking you can’t do it, look up your problem and give it a try on your own. You just might surprise yourself.


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