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You may have previously read about us buying Kashi granola bars – but those are just one of the several we buy each week. We really love the all-natural snack bars, they don’t have added junk ingredients like other popular brands. Here are some of our other favorites and why we love ‘em!



Bear NakedBare Naked Peanut butter – Very peanut butter-y, and very filling! I’m thinking about slathering on some jelly the next time I have this bar.




Kind Dark ChocolateKIND Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond – one of my go-to bars. Love the large almond pieces and smooth dark chocolate. I like to pair this one with my morning coffee.




Kashi AlmondKashi Chocolate Almond & Sea Salt – Delicious! Kashi bars come in a box, unlike some of the other bars which are priced individually. Love the little chocolate chunks on top! Perfect for those afternoon sweet cravings.



larabar appleLärabar Apple Pie – We absolutely LOVE Lärabar. Don’t expect any granola here though, that’s because they are made with dried fruit and nuts! This one actually tastes like a slice of apple pie! You’ll be very surprised to find that their chocolate chip cookie bar, indeed tastes like a chocolate chip cookie!



Kind cinamon pecanKIND Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Pecan – why do we love KIND bars so much? Because of the wholesome ingredients and low sugar content! You can’t beat 5g! Again, because they’re made with nuts, one bar is incredibly satisfying.



kashi chiaKashi Crunchy Granola & Seed – the seed part is Chia seeds. If you haven’t tried Chia seeds yet, I suggest you try this bar. I really like that the bar itself is more like 4 small bars. There are 2 in a wrapper and are meant to be broken in half.  I love to snack on these while I’m at work.



cherry coblerLärabar Uber – Very similar to the traditional Lärabar but Uber bars have more chunks of fruit and nuts. And yes, it really does taste like a spoon full of cherry cobbler!




pecan pieLärabar Pecan Pie – Mike’s personal favorite! Just as wonderful as the apple pie bar. This one goes well with and evening cup of tea or as a dessert after lunch!




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