Eat Well and Stay Full At Work

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As a new mom, I just don’t have as much time for myself like I used to. My mornings usually consists of throwing my hair up, putting on minimal makeup, hoping my shoes match, and grabbing the easiest food items as possible to last me for the next 10 hours. You know, granola bars, chips, maybe some fruit, but nothing substantial. Some days I’m finished eating everything I’ve brought by the time lunch rolls around. So I’ll snack on a bag of microwave popcorn and hot tea and wonder why I can barely keep my eyes open at 2 o’clock. I suppose I could stop at Panera on my break, but that isn’t exactly budget friendly, nor is it as healthy as I’d like to think it is.

I’ve decided it’s time to start setting aside a bit of extra time to plan and prepare better, healthier food options that I can take to work. There’s no excuse to go hungry. And honestly, I can’t be falling asleep on the job, either.

It really only took me a good 45 minutes to cook and prepare the foods you see below. I made sure to cook extra portions so that I had several meals to bring to work during the week. The other items that don’t need to be prepared ahead of time, were stored in the fridge with easy access – so that I could quickly grab and go.

Today I packed, red quinoa with olive oil, hard boiled eggs, cheese cubes, sliced avocado over spinach salad, sliced pears, a banana, and a Kashi bar. I know it seems like a lot of food but I’m giving myself options here, so that I’m satisfied and not making poor choices by dining out or snacking on empty calories.

Healthy Work Meals to Last the Week


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