DIY Valentine’s Day Craft

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Our two-year old is having a Valentine’s Day party at his daycare. It is a party where everyone receives a card from their classmates.

Sure, it would be easy to go to the store and throw down some money on something fancy. We figured kids aren’t looking for something fancy, they just want something! We didn’t want to spend a lot of money on valentines, especially when we could make something on our own. So, we decided on a DIY Valentine’s Day craft – Ninja Turtles valentines.

There is a lot of construction paper in our son’s playroom for drawing, coloring and making little projects. It made this craft particularly easy to put together because we already had the needed materials. All we needed was to cut out green hearts for the head and a few slender colored pieces for the masks . We then glued the pieces together and used a black magic marker for the eyes and mouth. On the back it will have who the valentine is to and who it’s from.

Here’s the finished product!









As you probably noticed, we only have three of the four turtles. We’re missing Leonardo. We didn’t have blue construction paper but we’re willing to bet the kids won’t mind too much!



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