Clean Eating and Low Carb Challenge Journal

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This is a simple meal plan that I came up with and one that I follow as closely as possible. I’m eating low carb and high protein, yet keeping my calories to a minimum (because my goal is to ultimately lose 40 pounds). Also eating very little dairy and watching the fat. In a nutshell, I’m eating clean for weight loss! I’m documenting my progress to stay accountable. Want to join me? Start with my 7 day Clean Eating and Low Carb Challenge!

Day 1 – 11/23. Starting Weight: 190

For breakfast I had a rice cake with 1 egg (1 egg white) fried in coconut oil and a few broccoli florets. The best part of this morning is that my toddler ate the exact same thing! I also had a cup of coffee with 1 tablespoon of half and half.

For work, I brought a large container of green beans, brussels, and broccoli that I could snack on throughout the morning. I also ate my hummus and carrots around 11 (this was supposed to be my afternoon snack, but I was hungry and knew my lunch would hold me over until dinner). I had lunch about 1:30 which was 2 hard boiled eggs.

And for dinner I had about a cup and a half of chili – recipe here. I also had a cup of decaf coffee with about 4 tablespoons of Baileys. Hey, it’s Thanksgiving eve ūüôā

 Day 2 Р11/24. Happy Thanksgiving!

My toddler woke me up at 5 am today and I started my day with a cup of coffee and 2 tablespoons of cream. So, in previous years I pigged out on this day. Today, I’m going to try my hardest to eat sensibly, yet not completely deprive myself. I’m looking at you, pumpkin pie!

Day 3 – 11/25.

Can we forget about how many calories I consumed yesterday?! I pretty much ate ALL of my calories for the day in one sitting. There was corn casserole…yeah, I went WAY over. Ok, moving on… Today, I’m definitely within my allotted number and I still have some remaining for a glass of red wine! I had 1 hard boiled egg for breakfast. 1 hard boiled egg and a slice of sprouted toast with a tiny amount of butter. 2 rice cakes with 2 tablespoons of almond butter for lunch. Green beans and 2 chicken sausage links for dinner.

Day 5 – 11/28.

Yesterday my family was in town for our Thanksgiving together.. I am actually really proud of myself because I bought my favorite cheese spread to serve as an appetizer and only had a small smidgen of it! I may have overdone it on the wine though.

Surprisingly, as of this morning, I’m down a pound!! I have a couple more days this week to make up for my food weekend before I weigh in.

Day 8 – 12/1. Happy December! Current Weight: 187.

Officially on plan for a full week and a day and I’m down 3 pounds!! What a great way to start the month! Not bad for starting Thanksgiving weekend. One of my daily goals is to drink water. I fill up my 24 oz glass about 1-2 times per day. I used to drink coffee and herbal tea all day long, so i’m starting slow and will build up as the weeks and months go on. ¬†I baked cookies last night and thought I was totally going to blow all my hard work, but I was good and only tasted one! I even had a few calories left over AFTER the cookie. But I planned for this! I knew yesterday that I would be baking and tasting, so I made sure that I was mindful about what I was eating – that means measuring my food and logging the calories.

Week 3 Р12/14.  Where have I been?!

I’ve been MIA – sorry! I thought I could start updating every couple of weeks, instead of daily, especially because as of late, no much has changed. My weight has only decreased about a pound.¬†I haven’t been able to workout AT ALL because I’ve been battling 24/7¬†dizziness.¬†I’ve been doing everything to try to rid myself of it, but¬†I’m at a loss. I’ve¬†seen a medical doctor, a Physical Therapist, and a¬†Chiropractor.¬†Its the¬†feeling of being¬†on¬†rough waters – it’s¬†like sitting in a boat. It’s extremely frustrating! Anyway, I’ve been worried about working out because I fear I’ll lose my balance while on¬†a machine or something terrible. I plan to start hitting the gym anyway and doing some walking and lifting weights while I continue to wait this out. I’m recognizing that when I make, what seem like big changes such as cutting my caloric intake, it actually doesn’t take my body too long to catch on and adjust and even out. For me, I have to constantly challenge myself, whether it be with food or activity. After a few weeks of restricting my calories, my body’s like ok, I can do this, but don’t expect me to drop any more pounds! So I’ve GOT to start exercising!!¬†Hello, YMCA!

Update – 2/10/17. Weight: 183.

This is long overdue! My dizziness finally subsided just a few days after my last post. I immediately hit the gym for about 2 weeks. It was that same time that Mike and I reassessed our expenses and cut out even more unnecessary spending. Sadly, this meant saying goodbye to the YMCA membership. We decided to get carpet installed in our basement (which should be any day now!) and that would become our gym space once again. In the meantime, I’ve been doing home workouts ¬†in my living room using my computer to follow along. It’s not ideal, but I’m¬† making it work. I’m on my second week of 21 Day Fix. If you’re not familiar, the program is 21 days long, each day is a different set of moves to challenge new muscles than the previous day. The best part is that it’s only 30 minutes per workout – something I’m easily able to fit into my schedule. The program comes with special containers for food which I don’t use, but I have been tracking all my exercise and food intake with the help of my Fitbit. It’s going well and I’m sticking with it. I’ve lost 4 pounds since I started the plan and even though that doesn’t seem like a lot to me, I can tell that my clothes are fitting better. I promise to update at the end of my 21 days!

3/01/17. Weight: 182 – At the end of my 21 day fix, I noticed all of my clothes were fitting looser and I’ve even put on a few old tops that I haven’t worn in years! Although I only lost 4-5 pounds in 3 weeks, I’m happy with my other non-scale victories! I took a little break from working out from the end of February until now. I’ve been VERY strict with my food habits in the last 2 weeks and I’m losing once again! I’ll share my secrets with you in my next post!

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