More Than Kale | About Us

Photo of the More Than Kale team. Mike, Jenny and little Jakob!

Photo of the More Than Kale team. Mike, Jenny and Jakob!


Hello, it’s Mike and Jenny, welcome to! We’re a suburban family from Ohio doing our best to live life to the fullest. We’re full-time parents, with full-time jobs, trying to slow the pace down in a fast-paced environment.

We enjoy going on adventures with our son, being frugal-ish and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There’s so much more to us than just that. Follow us, you’ll see.

Check out our pages and feel free to share them with friends! As you’ll see, we’re about a lot more than kale!


  • Why the name More Than Kale!?

We enjoy maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When we started our journey over 5 years ago, we would often explain to family and friends that we don’t eat fast food or a lot of junk food in general. The response we often received was “Oh, so you eat a lot of kale?” While kale is a part of our diet, it isn’t the only thing we eat!